Acuity Scheduling saves you time so you can do more of what you love.

Don’t let unreliable clients take that away from you.


You’re in great hands.

No one expects grandma do be a bounty hunter, I guarantee results or your money back.


I’ve got a top secret team.

My team has been specifically trained to track down no-show clients and guilt them into submitting fees owed, plus interest.


Help! My cat is stuck in a tree.

No she isn’t, but Mitsy sure is believable. Good kitty.



The proof is in the Tapioca Pudding.

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“Hiring Althea was the best decision I’ve ever made for my business (aside from using Acuity!). I no longer have trouble with no-shows taking time slots away from my paying clients. She’s the best!”

-Sarah, Salon Owner

“I was losing out on money by investing so much time prepping for meetings with clients who wouldn’t show up. Althea tracked them down, and I couldn’t believe it, but they paid me in FULL for their missed appointments!”

-Ray, Real Estate Agent

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“Althea and her cat Mitsy were so fun to work with. She reminds me of my great-aunt Bea, just, more ninja-like. You won’t regret hiring her!”

-Bonnie, Math Tutor


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